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  • Susan Eaton

Awaken Us

Lord, it is our own choices toward gratifying the self that make us numb to our need for spiritual renewal. We all need to take a deep look within and seek you and live by your leading.

But only your Holy spirit can create a true revival in our hearts. ONLY YOU can do it Lord!

And if we sit back and relax and become content with the lesser things of this world, we will miss YOU.

In our comfort… we will miss you.

In our acceptance of sin… we will miss you.

In our apathy… we will miss you.

In our complacency… we will miss you.

This is not to say that your grace will not break in and that your mercy will not break in. You WILL do that… because you are good. You will show mercy to us and you will continue to woo us because that is who you are and what you do.

But WE will miss the greater thing you desire to do among us! We, in our desire to settle and be content with less, will take the glimmers of your glory and we’ll be content with the glimmer.

We will take the drop of living water and be content when what you want, Lord, is to FLOOD us with the waters of your life and OVERWHELM us with the glorious, radiating light of your Holy Spirit so that anything else we have sought for our pleasure or our satisfaction will look like filthy rags in comparison and will be shown to be dehydrating to our souls!

We are missing your glory and your living waters in so many ways.

Lord, wake us up to our contentment!

Wake us up to our apathy!

Wake us up to our desire for less!

Lord, it is only when we see that we are prideful that we can become humble. It is only when we find that we are dying that we truly crave living. May you show us, Lord, how we are dying so that we will truly crave living the life you offer to us.

Lord, what will it take? How can this happen?

May we recognize that our deepest craving is for you.

If you must make us constantly thirsty—parched even— on the things of this world, then do it! Only, lead us to you and then may we drink! And may we be filled with your Holy Spirit and be truly awake to you! And then may it be a LASTING awakening, and may we live like people fully alive—fully awake.

REVIVE us, Lord.

May you do this.

Stir in our hearts, Holy Spirit.

Come, Holy Spirit.




Nothing less than you, Lord.

Nothing less.

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