A Still, Small Voice

October 19, 2018

Quieting our minds is harder than quieting our bodies. So, many times, we avoid the quiet because the quiet has a tendency to reveal those noisy thoughts inside us. I encourage you, though, to find some quiet and just acknowledge the noise in you. Recognize it. Place it before God. And then continue in your quiet, listening for Him. I promise you, He wants to meet with you. Will you be patient enough to wait for a still, small voice?


I wrote this after some time in the quiet...and, actually, during some time in the quiet. I just wrote as it came to me. The first half was my experience of the quiet. The second half is what I sensed God saying to me in the quiet. I just wrote as I heard it. God is good. Listen. He is speaking. 



Maybe You’re not absent.

Maybe You’re not even silent.

Maybe You’re just quiet.


Maybe You are quiet so

   I will join you in the quiet.


Maybe it’s not “obvious” that I need.

Maybe it’s trusting faith

   I need to exercise.


Maybe, if I’m quiet with You,

   You will reveal

   some noise in me

   that only the quiet

   can uncover.


Maybe hearing You isn’t the

   gift I need to hone.

Maybe quietly listening for You

   is what I need to practice.


Breathe in.

Breathe out.


Let my thoughts reveal my 

   true state of mind.


   The chaos.

   The worry.

   The anxiety.

   The control.

   The anger.

   The fear.


The selfishness.


Breathe in.

Breathe out.


A still, small voice...



“Can you lay aside yourself and your preferences to be for others what they need you to be?


   Be available.

   Be open.

   Be selfless.


If you are my instrument, 

   let me use you.


Sacrifice some things.

Sacrifice some time.

In the sacrifice lie 

   the new opportunities.


You can’t hold on and let go

   at the same time.

Let go.

Let yourself be carried

   in the wind of my Spirit.


I go where I will go.

I go to whom I will go.

Will you go with me?


Don’t be weighed down

   by what you want.

Be free for what I want.


You never know what beauty awaits you where I will take you.


I poured myself out

   for people every day.

I went where the Spirit led me.


Pour yourself out and I will fill you up.”





Father let your love pour out.

Let your love reign down

On me, on me, on me.


Father I want nothing less.

Come and and fill up every breath

I breathe, I breathe, I breathe.


~I Am They, Let Your Love Pour Out

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