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Now Available on Amazon

Written by Reverend Susan Eaton and licensed professional counselor Stewart Eaton, this book serves as a loving guide and companion to help you navigate the darkness of depression and anxiety. Consider it nourishment for your heart, mind, and soul, a dose of comfort that will give you the strength you need to journey into the presence of God where the real healing can happen.

In this book you'll find readings, prayers, journaling prompts, and links to music, as well as other helpful online resources. Each entry was written to help you gain a new perspective and to better understand the emotions you're experiencing, all while restoring your belief that you're going to be okay.

This book also reminds you that you are not alone. It can be hard to believe that when you're stuck in the seemingly endless spin of depression and anxiety. But the truth is, darkness and pain don't have the final word. Scripture bears witness to this truth through the timeless stories of people from all walks of life who found their strength and hope in the Lord.

That same hope is available to you.

You're Gonna Be Okay is currently available in paperback and ebook formats on Amazon . Click the image to go to Susan's Amazon Author Page.

Local Couple Pens Christian Counseling Book  (Hub City Spokes News Article)

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Are you involved in a quarrelsome or contentious relationship that is keeping you stressed and on guard? Are you holding on to bitterness from the past? Does online bickering make you anxious? Do you feel stuck in a place that is stealing your joy?

This three-week study of Genesis 26 will help you explore where you might be stuck. It will ask you to address some common attitudes, habits, and behaviors that are preventing you from living the life of joy God desires for you. This resource works great in a small-group setting or as a personal study.

After taking this journey you will:

  • understand how ineffective and damaging fear is in your life

  • recognize where you might be making assumptions about others

  • discern whether you may need to exit a toxic relationship or environment

  • be equipped to express kindness and love to difficult people

  • be positioned to forgive those who have hurt you

Reclaiming Joy is available in both paperback and ebook format at,, and To find it on Amazon, simply click on the image of the book above. 

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