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  • Susan Eaton

Discovering Your Significance

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Most people wonder at some point, and often at many points, if their life is making any difference at all. I believe this even happens to confident people. Some days we just aren't confident. Some days we wonder, "Am I really doing anything that matters?" Some days we just can't see it.

I was in one of these seasons when I wrote this. I thank God for helping me gain a new perspective and for speaking His encouragement to me. May it be an encouragement to you, also.


Too often we are looking and waiting for someone else to make us feel special or significant. But the truth is we already are. Our goal should be to let others know how special and loved they are, and in that we will realize and feel how special we truly are.

How awesome is it that God would use us for such an amazing task as to be conduits of His love, to be people who let His love in and then allow Him to have His love come from us to others?

How stunning that He would allow us to be in on the special moments of someone else coming to the realization that they are loved and cherished more than they could ever comprehend! What is more special than to be a part of God's work with God, to be in on the mysterious and beautiful work of the Holy Spirit?

Having a sense of worth and value doesn't come from other people telling you that you are special. It comes from knowing who Christ says you are and then being someone who makes others aware that they are special, loved, chosen and cherished.

You're searching for significance in all the wrong places. You're letting comparison steal your joy and keep you from seeing your uniqueness.

You're trying to make yourself significant. You ARE BE significant. Live like your life makes a difference and an impact because it does; it can.

Don't measure your impact by worldly standards. They mean nothing.

You keep searching for places and people to make you significant. You will search and search and never find it until you find it in me and believe that you are.

Just be who I've called you to be. Speak significance into others, and there you will find yours.

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