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  • Susan Eaton

No Shortcuts

This was originally written during a time when God was teaching me that I needed to trust Him and make some "un-fun" choices —that there was not going to be a shortcut or an "easy fix" to my situation— but rather hard work, sacrificial choices, and lots of uncertainty.

Maybe that's where you are. Maybe you know some things are just "not right" in your life, and you've been avoiding doing what you know you need to do because, well... it's's not fun... it's not popular... or it will mean some sacrifice. If that's you, maybe these words I heard in prayer will help you like they helped me.

Be brave. You can do it.


You look for shortcuts and easy ways out to avoid doing the hard work. Shortcuts circumvent the work I need to do in you:

The muscle-building.

The strength-conditioning.

The trust-growing.

Stay the course. Carry on. Do the hard work. Make the “un-fun”

choices. Then victory will be sweet.

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