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  • Susan Eaton

Too Far Gone?

Out of the pit He will lift you up.

God's salvation is here—

God's hand reaches down to save you.

Look up!

Take hold!

See His face!

His gaze has always been upon you.

Not one day or minute of your existence has escaped His notice.

You are His prize, His joy, His beloved possession.

And so He comes.

He comes for YOU.

And if you can't reach your hand up—if your strength fails you so that all you can do is whisper His name and acknowledge His presence—then He will descend to your depths.

He will pick you up,

He will carry you out of that pit,

And He will hold you until you can stand on your own.

He will hold you and never grow tired.


In your weakness, He sees you...He gazes upon you.

And as you are held in His gaze—being loved by Him for simply existing—your strength will come.

Because His love heals you.

It is a balm for your wounds.

It is a balm for your soul.

Be healed my child.

You are greatly loved.

You are not too far gone.

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