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Love, Julie Andrews

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

My daughter is a comedy genius.

Not because she studies how to be funny or even because she gives any thought about what is funny. She’s just naturally funny. She’s joyful and free and embraces the beauty around her. Her humor is spontaneous and flows from her naturally.

Rachel has always easily embraced what she loves. She’s never seemed to wonder if anyone else loves it. If she loves it, she moves toward it. One of the things she loves is musicals. Recently, she became interested, once again, in The Sound of Music. I came home early from work one day and found her in the process of watching The Sound of Music alone in our living room.

“Hey, Mom. Wanna play UNO and watch The Sound of Music with me?”

“Of course!” I responded.

I put my things down, grabbed my yoga bolster as my chair, and sat at the coffee table opposite Rachel. As we played, we listened to Julie Andrews sing and chatter. Before long we were singing along with her because you can’t simply listen to The Sound of Music, you must participate in The Sound of Music. But we didn’t stop with just singing along. Soon, every word we said was spoken in our best Julie Andrews voice.

Every time we made a play in our UNO game, we announced and described that move using our best impression of Julie Andrews’ perfectly theatrical British accent. When one of us was bested by the other, we verbalized our disapproval in that same, proper Julie Andrews tone. “You’re the worst!” “I disapprove wholeheartedly with your choice to make me Draw Four.” “You smell like stinky cheese.”

What started that day has been a running theme for Rachel and me for the past six weeks or so. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we’ll speak to each other periodically as Julie Andrews. Yes, even in public, which is, quite possibly, the most fun.

As this silly banter has progressed, it has taken on an additional nuance that I call Love, Julie Andrews. Here’s how Love, Julie Andrews works. When there is something serious or difficult to say, just speak it in your best Julie Andrews voice and then close with “Love, Julie Andrews.”

For instance:

“Your room is a filthy mess. Clean it now. Love, Julie Andrews.”

“You’re wearing my shirt without my permission. Please take it off. Love, Julie Andrews.”

“Your driving is making me queasy. Please correct this. Love, Julie Andrews”

Love, Julie Andrews is a magical way to ease the tension and help the medicine go down. (See what I did there?)

I have no point in sharing this with you other than to say that humor and levity are often underrated. Having a playful spirit works wonders for your soul and the souls of others. When you can laugh well with others and not take yourself too seriously, you are better able to have the more challenging conversations that inevitably come from being in deep relationship with others.

May you channel your inner Julie Andrews today, friends. Laugh at yourself, laugh with others, and do at least one thing every day that makes you smile.

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