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  • Susan Eaton

You Are My Everything

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

A couple of days ago I had a rough morning.

It was one of those mornings where the thing that triggers my stress and anxiety the most decided to stand up, look me in the face, and stick its tongue out at me...mocking me and laughing at me.

Its goal was to completely unravel me before my day began and sell me the lie that there was no peace, no answers, only a big, fat dead end. Now, in hindsight, its deception is so clear, so obvious. But on this morning, I bought what it was selling.

I went into my day carrying the weight of that lie, worried about whether we had enough; concerned about the same old things that God has proven time and time again to be the Lord over. I was caught up in fear and on the verge of tears until I got a package in the mail at work. I opened it up to find a book that I didn't remember ordering. A book about God's abundance. A book about resting in the abundance of Who God is and letting Him be and fill everything in your life.

As I read, I couldn't believe that God had, once again, reached down into my childish, immature mess and chaos, and reminded me that HE is my everything. I need nothing more than Him. I whispered to Him, "I forgot." He said, "Yes, you did. But I'm here to remind you."

The prayer below is one I actually wrote a couple of years ago. I think I'll start each morning with this prayer for a bit. "Don't move me forward until I learn this one thing--YOU are my Everything."

Thanks, God, for breaking into my world and calming my chaos. I love you.



May your Spirit rest upon me today.

May strength and healing

come from you.

May your joy find me.

May my words be encouraging,

hope-filled words.

May patience and grace be my

attitude today.

May trust in you, Lord,

be my staff.

Be my strength in this day.

Open my mind to you.

This life; this day; they are yours.

I am yours.

I am where you have placed me.

I will take joy in the people

around me.

I will take joy in my family.

I love you!

I will take joy in your Word,

and in your Spirit!

You, Lord, are all I need.

Don’t move me forward until

I learn this one thing.

You are my everything.

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