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  • Susan Eaton

Darkness. Flee.

Darkness, you have to flee.

You are taking up space that is

not yours to occupy.

You are taking up space in my heart;

You are taking up space in my mind,

and you have no right to be there.

You must flee because I claim this day

the light of Christ.

I claim You, Jesus, for my heart and mind.

I have given into the

weight of darkness for too long.

Jesus, be my light so I can see a way forward.

It’s been dark for a while now,

and I have been losing hope.

Do not let me be overcome by darkness.

May you shine your beautiful light into my heart!

Shine it brightly and reveal to me my sins

so that I can wholeheartedly

confess them before you.

Shine bright in me

so I can be a light bearer.

Don’t let me be just another

basket over your light!

Shine so brightly in me that others

will be able to see You.

Jesus, empower me with Your Holy Spirit.

You are who I need.

Drive out the darkness!

Deliver me from it!

Do not let me be just another

casualty of darkness!

Beautiful Savior,

you came into our broken world.

Do not let us live as if you have not come.

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.”

John 12:46

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