• Susan Eaton

Do You Remember?

Lord, do you remember?

Do you remember when I was six?

I do.

Do you remember that my favorite song was “You Needed Me?”

Do you remember how I would sing that song

at the top of my lungs every time it came on the radio?

Do you remember how much I loved that song?

Do you remember the day I was at Michelle’s house?

My song came on, and I just couldn’t contain myself!

I stood in her bedroom chair, closed my eyes, raised my arms

and sang—

I sang as loud as I could!

I thought my heart would burst open!

I remember that You were there.

I remember that.

I remember that I couldn’t begin to comprehend you

or understand You,

but I remember Your Presence.

And I remember that I knew You.

My little six-year-old spirit knew your Spirit.

My innocent and free six-year-old heart

was bursting with joy because



I knew You were there—

Smiling over me,

loving me,

rejoicing with me,

rejoicing over me,

celebrating over my six-year old praise of Love.

I remember being overwhelmed with Love,

and being wrapped in Love

as I sang and sang

with my eyes closed and my heart wide open.

I was six.

And you were there.

You’ve always been there.

You’ve never left me.

And you are here now.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you for remembering.

Thank you for reminding me.

I will remember

that you have never stopped singing over me—

You have never stopped celebrating me.

Even when you seem silent,

You never stop rejoicing over me—

Your child, Your daughter,

Your beloved.

I will remember and celebrate that truth today, Lord,

And I will join you in song, even if only in my heart.

I will rejoice that you see me and love me—

That you dance over me with wild abandon.

“This is my child! I love her so much!”

I have never been loved as well as I have been loved by you.

May I remember that today.

You are here.

And I am loved.

Thank you, Lord.

“But Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often.”

Luke 2:19

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