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Tremble, Hell

Tremble, Hell,

at the sound of God’s salvation—

at the sound of a baby’s cry—

at the sound of God’s power and majesty,

strength and might,

wrapped in weakness and vulnerability.

Tremble, Hell,

at the thought of the day when God

releases His ultimate vengeance on

your pride

and erases your presence from creation.

In fear you rally.

In fear you conjure up your best defense

and go on the attack.

You rage over the nations.

You scream and taunt and

create chaos and confusion

among the people God has come to save,

and redeem, and restore.

But in all your raging and taunting

and massacring of souls;

in all the flexing of your muscles—

amidst all the evil and fury—

you tremble…

Because you know you have

no hope, no future.

You deceive, but all the while

you lie to yourself saying,

“We can win this thing!”

Even in your deluded mind

You are right about one thing—

A child has come to save and defend.

The God-head, three-in-one,

Creator of the universe,

Is more powerful in the broken and marred

flesh of man than you will ever be

on your best day.

Tremble, Hell.

Tremble when you think

of my God.

Tremble at the reality

staring you in the face—

“A child is born for us. A son is given.”

Tremble, Hell.

Tremble when you hear this good news,

because He is your defeat.

Your best effort to end this child

will prove to be God’s final death blow

over your fabricated power.

Tremble, Hell,

as all the earth stands in silence

and gazes upon the One sent

to save.

Tremble, Hell.

God has already won.

"For a child has been born for us, a son given to us; authority rests upon his shoulders; and he is named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." ~Isaiah 9:6

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